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JRD Landscape Lighting and Design, Inc.

About JRD Lighting and Jim

My name is James (Jim) Duerr Jr. I am the owner and founder of JRD Landscape Lighting & Design Inc.

Some people go through school with the exact path to take. I was a little different. I did not have that set path until one day I found a job designing and installing outdoor lighting when it was a new concept to landscaping. Shortly after starting this job, I think I was home and found my path.

I have always been a design-build person. At an early age I was building everything from go-carts to kid’s forts. At the age of eight, I found an old camera in a street gutter and that started my photography bug and started me learning concepts of lighting. With a degree from the University of Minnesota in Forestry Management (the outdoors), it grew my interest in landscapes, plants and trees. My three interests came together and I did find my path and have enjoyed every step since.

I found my company JRD Landscape Lighting & Design a few years later when I started craving more design power and pushing the envelope in ideas of outdoor lighting. I wanted to build a company that had created personal relationships with all the clients. Want to deliver the best designed project that would treat every project different and unique. I want to also deliver the best quality products and installation that would last for as long as you live in home. And most of all, I wanted you to love and be happy with the project when it was completed.

I have now been doing outdoor lighting for over twenty years and it has been a great ride. It has given me the opportunities to see wonderful homes, unique projects and has even taken me to other states to install lighting. I have enjoyed every day.

What I try to bring to my clients. My motto from day one has been "Satisfaction Guaranteed". This all started because when I am designing, installing and turning on the lighting for the first time, I am excited. I can’t wait for my client to see it. And, if the same joy is not felt, I want to fix it.

Quality: I believe that outdoor lighting is not cheap. The client is spent hard earned money for this luxury and I must deliver in quality. It the lighting does not hold up our harsh climate, then I failed and I am not going to get that personal relationship I desire. Quality has always described JRD Landscape Lighting & Design.



Call in Your Service Call

JRD is full service lighting contractor. We have been servicing outdoor lighting for over twenty years. We will solve problems with lamps burnt out, shorts, fixtures not working, timing issues or additions. We not only service project we install but installations done by others. Just click the button below and it will bring you to the contract sheet below.


Set Your Own Timer

JRD has created some short videos on how to set your own timers. To set your own timer, click on the link below that will bring you to the page that list the different timers and shows you how to do it. Find the timer that fits the timer that was installed at your home.

Troubleshooting Lamps and Breakers

JRD has created some short videos and instructions on how to do minor repairs to your outdoor lighting. The items covered are how to change lamps in common fixtures, how to reset breakers in transformers and how to reset GFI outlets. Click the link below to see the different troubleshooting guides.



Wall Washing Installation
Directional Flood Path
Pathlights Along Path
Lights in Stone Stucco
Crown Lights Installed
Bollards Along Sidewalk
Pathlighting Along Stone Steps
Entrance Monuments
Bollard Installation
Custom Post & Lantern
LED RGB Spruce Trees
Wall Washing Up-lighting
Several Up-lights in Area
Pathlighting Installed
Front of Home Scene
Color-changing LED

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10917 Indiana Ave. N

Champlin, MN 55316



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